Jennifer Akins, Treasurer

Jennifer Akins, Elk Valley Council Treasurer

Jennifer Akins was first appointed to the Elk Valley Rancheria, California Council in 2002 and served on the board until 2005. She was then elected to the Council in 2013 and elected in June of 2013 to fill the Treasurer position.  Treasurer Akins serves on the EVREDCO board. She is the chairperson for the Education committee and also serves on the Cemetery, Housing and Elders committees.

When asked about her passions within the Tribe Treasurer Akins has been quoted “My passion is dedicated to our elders and our youth taken care of to the highest of standards;  I want better communications between all tribal members, Tribal Council and members; I want to see elder housing come to fruition with a CNA available to help with healthcare for the elders.  Education needs fulfilled for all of our tribal members.  I want the cemetery to be completed, this one we as the Cemetery Committee have been diligently working on.”

Treasurer Akins has two daughters, Lily 11, Brook 8. Both girls have  been delighted to participate in the CA Indian Day celebrations at the Rancheria the last two years by dancing with the Tolowa Dancers.  They both love learning about their heritage.

Treasure Akins and her husband Tyler have been married for 13 years. They are sharing their love of the outdoors with their daughters by taking them camping, fishing, hunting and hiking regularly. Treasurer Akins loves to cook for her family and friends and read as much as she can.